Sunday, January 23, 2005

Synonym Trees

Over and Over, it repeats Time and Time again, it replays A re-run, a reprise a false start, a restart a re-do, undone, a duplicate, a copy an echo a reoccurring dream, a revolving door it's de ja vu, familiar. And I'm so sick of it, worn out, exhausted, wasted, tired of it all That I could walk away, step back, rebel, forfeit, repel, give up But I know I'll never be, amount to, become, develop into What I should, What I could, potentially I am without, lacking, void, missing, vacant alone, desolate, lost, delusional, delirious spinning, dizzy, discombobulated, unbalanced wayward, searching, hiding, camouflage disguised, counterfeit, corrupt, dirty, filthy, nasty, waste, disposed, left over, extra, more, bonus free, gift, present, treasure prized, hold close, revere respect, admire, brave hero, savior, brother, friend, nearer, draw closer

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