Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Introduction

I don't really know what I'm doing.  I'm just a dude trying to put feelings down. I'm not a professional. My grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting are all over the place.  

When I started posting these,  in wanted them to be in alphabetical order so I messed with the dates they were posted. Since then I have just posted as they've come about. 

Thank you for joining me here as I fall in and out of love. I hope you can get something out of one of them. 

Now that they have been stamped in internet time they are officially mine, copyrighted, registered, and everything probably. If you care to use one of these poems please use my name and a link in reference. 

Feel free to leave any comments or posts in the comments section below. Thank You.

*note: Some of these poems were written in moments of passion. They do not necessarily reflect my overall opinion about love, life, or my pursuit of such things.

 **note: Some of these poems really suck and some might qualify as pretty alright. 

Just a Friend

To quote Biz Markie, you got what I need.
You are what I want,  it's simple for me.
I see your face, Hear your words,
Look in your eyes and I'm sure.

But for you, I'm not the guy.
I can tell but I don't know why.
It makes me sad but it's fine.
Not really ideal but I'll get by.

I'm not worse off today than before.
Keep searching, hoping for more.
I'll find love or it'll find me
That'll be the day, you'll see.

Quoting Bob Marley you'll get a guy
Who will "love and treat you right."
Lift you up, be at your side
Be that dude, your ride or die