Saturday, January 04, 2014

Figuratively Speaking, Of Course

I don't write metaphors.
My mind works differently.
Open honest straightforwardly
I like you.
I think I could end up really liking you a lot.
I'm not opposed to one day loving you
and then doing it every day to forever
That doesn't scare me.

I may be still getting used to the idea of together.
Know there is nothing I want more.
I'm just used to alone and doing it on my own
and living independently.
I've been doing it so long.
It's all I really know.
But I want to learn.
I want you.
I do.

I don't have issue with imagining you
saying yes, I do.
Eyes locked in love
transfixed desirableness
I know what this was,
another dream.
Carried away with figurative things.

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