Saturday, January 04, 2014

The Little Things

Can you blame me for wanting you?
Look at you!
You know what you see when you look in the mirror.
Take a peek.
Nine? No. Dime.
Every time you speak you say something in ink.
I cannot erase it, it is in my mind.
But it isn't just the words you choose to say
It's the tone and cadence
the delivery that makes me feel this way.
It is also what you hold back, the refrain.
I get it, this is different, no need to explain.
Your smile hides little hints behind it.
It is far too charming.
That is the only way I find it.
The warmth in your eyes,
They are my demise.
It is more than twinkling bright
It is next level, fire in the skies.
All I want is a half a chance 
And maybe I can make you laugh.
So I can see you smile
It melts me.
It is soft, hopeful, sincere.
It has layers and when it happens,
Everything is clear.
There is honesty inside you
And I can feel it when we are close.
It seeps out like pheromones and attaches to my soul.
It latches and fills in the empty pieces.
Someone to finally make me whole.

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