Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Not All Dreams Can Be

It was the eleventh day of the first month
I saw my dreams slip away
Time had turned its lonely hand
Pointing back my way
I cried that night as I stepped outside
And heard the door close behind
And all I wanted was to see
A sparkle in her eye.

Not all dreams can be
But had this one come true
My tears that fell that lonesome night
Would have been stayed
And I would still be with you

Her heart is with another man
And I cannot compete with him
Right now there’s nowhere I can turn
She’ll never know, she’ll never feel
What my heart feels when it burns
There was so much, but not enough
Now my chest is hollow.
My heart is weak.
And tears keep falling.
I have no peace.

Not all dreams can be
But had this one come true
My beating heart instead of me
Would have been felt by you

I want to scream
For tension wretches at me now
Exposed myself to elements
They have brought me down
If you only knew my heart
If you knew how you make me act
If I could have done things differently
Would we now be apart?
I stepped away and lost it all
Because that is what you were
I won’t, I can’t, forget this night
This night I built the wall

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