Friday, January 21, 2005

The Psalm of Caleb

Awake my soul from darkness now,
No longer droop in sin.
Protect me Lord, temptations snare,
Traps my soul within.
Wilt thou, O Lord, please sanctify,
And straighten out my paths.
That I, dear Lord, may not be bound,
By Satan’s chains and grasp.

My heart it groans, when sin I do,
For flesh it over powers.
Please place Thy Truths in beacons Lord,
Upon Thy Holy towers.
Oh wretched man, I see myself,
I sorrow for my flesh.
For the sins I do commit,
Which easily beset.

My God hath been my full support,
He’s filled me with His love.
He’s heard my cries and dried my eyes,
And blessed me from above.
Rejoice my heart and cry to God,
For endless is my praise.
The Rock of my Salvation whom,
I’ll worship all my days.

Jesus Christ redeems our souls,
By mercy’s lasting bounds.
And Justice it does overcome,
If his will becomes ours.
Our Father gives if we do ask,
In faith, and not amiss.
For we are Christ’s and Christ is His
To live in holiness.

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Michael said...

Awesome poem, Caleb! Thanks for sharing.