Friday, January 07, 2005

What have I become?

Bound by uncertainty
Unrest? Oh yes. Certainly
I confess my insecurities are useless
Clueless. I am a mess
Feasting at times
But the famines’ almost killing me
Please I need the recipe
Trying to make apostasy
From what everyone is telling me
What I am or seem to be
Justified by none of my actions
I rationalize my newest attraction
Which leaves me sulking
Lonely wishing thoughtfully
I could be whole
Putting back together what is left of me
If only I could rest in peace
I wouldn’t need you
But being me I’m needing you
My breaking heart without a clue
I don’t know what to do
I stand around void of life
A slave to emotion
Imprisoned by my own ideas
I’m left alone
Doomed to silence
But my willingness to be defiant
Is challenged and beaten
I fight against myself
I can’t let me go free
I can’t get off that easily
I cling to my reality
Not changing my identity
I’m searching for stability
A tool of this economy
I stand-alone
Warding off my own desire
What have I become?
A victim and a liar

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