Friday, January 21, 2005

The Soft Load

A soft load is lifted but heavier still,
My regret for not seeing my body is chilled.
Alone I encompass a thought of the past.
With no understanding like a thought that will pass.
Slowly I wander and wonder about why,
This pierced piece of soul is left to die.
A pressure builds and the baggage cinched tight,
When a soft load is lifted to rest through the night.
A vision encountered by the pillars of thought,
To stand as a virtue for a thing of naught.
Rearranged to stand alone in the darkness
Subjected to the stain of the vain and the heartless.
Immovable with reason I stand alone in the crowd,
When a soft load is lifted to silence the loud.
Uplifted by the burdens of the downtrodden and meek,
Confusion put to rest when the mute will speak.
The mysteries truth, the plainness of debate,
When a soft load is lifted to hold up the weight.
The present never happens cause its always futures past,
When a soft load is lifted the hardness will last.

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