Sunday, January 16, 2005


My mind is useless
My bite is toothless
This distance is ruthless
My actions near foolish

Ease my pain
I’m needing you
Solicit me with wanting
Hold me in the rain
Think of me
I’m pleading you
Captivate me with reason
Feel my love and see

I’m stuck on the edge
Take one step closer to the ledge
What can I do? And whom can I trust?

All I have ever wanted; was for you to love me
As much as I have loved you

My past has finally caught me
It haunts me
I can see what I want
But there is nothing I can do
I can’t talk
The girl I like doesn’t show any affection
So I am stressing

Because of what I have done
I’ve lost. I haven’t won
It makes me want to cry “WHY?”
I deserve it
Every bit that I get
And it makes me sick
Physically ill
But no pill can save me
I’m my own worst enemy
I can see openly

The beginning of the end
I saw it from the start

Nobody is safe from me anymore
I can’t hide
I can’t find my place
I don’t fit in any puzzle

Nine-eleven is back.
We remember the attack.
We ask,
How could evil wear a friendly mask?

You are safe
This is the place
Heaven’s gate
The doorstep
Temptation in front of me
Leaving me no escape
But wait!

Understand me
I think I’m too demanding
Commanding my attention
Failed to mention
The lesson

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