Sunday, January 23, 2005

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Watching you go
Knowing what I know
Feeling these feelings
Seeing what I’ve seen
This is just me
It would usually be much worse
The hurt that is...
But I’ve been numbed
By previous lofty dreams
Steering far clear of me
I have seen this future
And what’s to come
I have seen the future
And I don’t like a single one

And now as I drive myself to madness
The sadness sets in.
Remembering again
How on my own I am
More than a memory
I have a picture of you
But that’s not close
To what I wanted the most

I did what I had to
Tried to catch you
No lure or bait worked
I tried to snag you
It wasn’t enough…again
Pain, it seems, my only friend
I try to love, to live, to care, to give
The knife, the dagger, the shank, the shiv
The tourniquet, the constant pressure
The headstone, the tears without measure

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