Sunday, January 23, 2005

So I Go

Oh that’s right. I remember now; how I felt about you.
I don’t want to relive that
I lived it one too many times as it is
As it were, I’ll do what I did then
I won’t be your friend
And so it goes…again
I can’t be around you without wishing
Dreaming, thinking about you
I hate that about me
And so I go on
You’re not there to bring me down
But if you’d have me, sadly;
I’d take you back gladly…
I hate that about me
I stand alone.
With no one around me
Confounding me with mind games
She plays with me
So I stand up
I take a stand
And demand!
…think about saying no
But doing it anyway
Letting her play her way, my role
One more day.
I give her a chance to turn it around
The whole time wishing I didn’t
I hate that about me

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