Sunday, January 23, 2005

Past Presently

So many memories come rushing back to me
As the past is presently before me to see
Unfolding its delicacies intrinsically
Remembering and now
Visiting myself a few years back
It is clear I am stuck in the same old tracks
Had anything changed?
Well, I am older now…
I have learned a little bit
But mostly I am sick of it
Tired of how my life has progressed
I haven’t taken forward steps
Depressed and upset things haven’t changed

Visiting places I used to go
Just to get low
And know I don’t go anymore
And memories stored
That I have locked away
Haunt me in dreams
It seems they just stay
And it brings me down
But man, why am I sad?
People would kill to live the life I have
But I am not satisfied
I’ve cried myself to sleep

I confess that I am a mess and the stress is killing me
Wondering and praying that I may break free
My somber poetry flows slowly at times
And I only write this cause nothing else feels right
So I’ll go on alone
Working out this probation
Wishing life was more kind and my time wasn’t wasted

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