Monday, January 31, 2005

Miss Mason

If you were on the phone
I’d say I’ve been acting dumb
Wanting to be with you
But never being with you
I want to kiss you
I’ve cried because I’ve missed you
Now I think I have lost you
And it’s causing me to pause and see
What you really meant to me
I looked at you and Brooke it’s true
Every time you spoke to me
I wanted to be
The guy that you’d decide
To stand by through hard times
I wanted to be there for you
If you had a bad day at school
I wanted you to call me from the ticket booth
And tell me how your day has been
I wanted to be there
When things were good
And if things went bad
Or if you got mad
I wanted to be there
To make you laugh
So hard you’d cry
And you’d forget why
You were mad in the first place
This is why I’ve been acting strange
This is why I feel insane
And why I say the things I say
I’m secretly, madly in love with you
And you don’t know
And I can’t tell you
I’m scared that you’ll hate me
Not want to see me
Or come near me
So I go on hurting inside
But outside I’m fine

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man, I want to meet this chick so I can give her the evil eye. maybe spit in her general direction or kick dirt toward her. Nothing to hurt her, but just show my general dislike and sadness that she has hurt my brother so--my brother that has so much to give, but he hides behind his loud, playful side because letting his soft side out makes him feel vulnerable. There's nothing wrong with that. it's not right, it's not wrong. Some chick won't be fooled by you, cabe. She'll see right through you, like I can, and never let go.