Saturday, January 29, 2005

My Old Flame

The fire inside me burns brightly
It might be likely
That she doesn’t like me
Despite me
To spite me
It’s frightening
Liking someone like this
As much as I do
It’s spreading
It’s viral
A downward spiral
I’m not ready
But I’m letting it go
There’s no spark
Pitch black
It’s dark
To travel no more
Put it in park
I can’t go further
And I’m sure
Not certain
The curtain
Is being pulled
The show is over
Go home
There’s nothing to see here
It’s clear
My fear inside
Rises like the tide
Cheer fades like the wind
The doldrums
A fractured fulcrum
Wasting away
The race is over
I can’t control her
I never told her
Quite how I feel
It was real
But it is over
I lost another chance
To finally be happy
And full of love
I need to feel you
Is there no one?
A solo homerun
Run home alone
Get me away
From everyone
Must get used to the pain
Someone explain the game
Do I always lose?
Is the only rule
Make sure I hurt and bruise?
But don’t break
Take me away from this place
I can’t take it
To see us like this
One last kiss
Well too bad
You left me alone

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