Thursday, January 06, 2005

Why Does This Keep Happening?

What is going on here?
Nothing is quite clear
All I wanted was you
I’m getting played for the fool
Madness! This is insane
Sadness…the path is always the same
I’m in too deep
I’m losing sleep
Why does this keep happening?
A new thought
But no change
Only you can stop the pain
Caught in the rain
Without you it’s doubtful I can maintain
It’s strange
But no surprise
Can’t you see it in my eyes?
I wish that I could be free from this captivity
It is engulfing me
Why does this keep happening?
I don’t fall often
Most times I slip
But when I fall
It’s hard and quick
Next thing I know
I’ve dug a hole
I can’t get out of it
I’ve lost control
I need to know
Being in limbo is not the way for me to go
It’s so draining and my explaining
Isn’t going to be enough
So why am I complaining?
The problem is me
Or maybe reality
But clearly beckoning
My old familiar cry
Why oh why do I compromise?
Why does this keep happening?

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