Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Trials Due to the Lack of Love

My ability to love could end my life early.
Simply because I’d die surely for the word.
For someone who feels it for me.
Something that has passed me by so far, rules my mind recently.
I don’t know.
But the feeling of needing it won’t let me go.
It has taken control. But it doesn’t lift me. It brings me low.
Its absence from my life won’t end tonight.
In due time I may find what I seek.
But the line I would wish to speak
My tongue refrains to leak.
Or utter to anyone I would want to share it with.
I would give it like a gift, only more often though.
It’s my goal, though many days it feels unattainable.
I feel inadequate.
Do I deserve?
Don’t I deserve?
It is something to earn, to learn…I yearn.
I cry for my turn.

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