Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Sweet Dream

Verbalize the thought of my pen
You better start listening in
Simply wishing with in
I could release a gem
And spend my means to an end
Not giving in ‘til I win
Sending sin in a spin
My frustrations begin
Lending my eye to look in
Deep within my soul
My actions taking a toll.
I feel like writing a rhyme
It’s time to go and get mine
It’s like I’m living a lie
Just trying to give you a line
My brain is done fried
And I’m tired of life
Look at my eyes
See the pain that’s inside
I’ve tried and failed
Repeatedly failed
Please show me the door
Kick me out
I’m burnt out
I’ve turned out
Time and again
Short of the goals
That I set
And its cold
Send me away
Far away
So I can play
And stay away
From the people I hate
And make way for new games
And new names
A new pain

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