Thursday, March 10, 2005

Be Still!

I can’t say anything because I might loose everything.
I have to do something, one thing.

I can’t believe this!
Something worth waiting for! Living for!
Something to change me, from man to baby.
Get with the program and love this lady.

How can she not see that we could be
The most perfect match. Attached at the hips.
I wish.
Maybe one day, someday, we could be together.
She’s still dealing with heartbreak, pain, and closure.
Keep my composure.
Slow down! Be still! Have patience, complacent.
I can see so clearly like its right in front of me.
But hold on, wait, this is a test.
Be my best.
I can’t rest!
She is on my mind constantly.
She haunts me. Be still!

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