Friday, March 11, 2005

Bear You Up

I can’t imagine what you feel. All of your fears surround you.
As the world comes crashing down, all around you.
If I could take away the pain, heap it on my shoulders,
If I could switch around the pieces so it changed the picture,
I would bear those burdens for you.
I would take it all.
I would try to fix it and leave you quietly in peace.
You would never have to hurt this way.
You would never have to feel the pain.

But this is out of my hands Love.
Still, I will do anything in my power to heal,
Anything to save, anything to help, I pray
Someone as brave as you, as strong, as good, and true
Your tears do not fall unnoticed.
Your prayers are heard and noted.
You are loved, my Love.
You are surrounded and angels will bear you up.
I am here, your friend through it all.
I will be here, near if you need me.

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