Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Summation of Love

I will sum up my search for love as such
I frantically rush
And end up
Hurt so badly I wish I never had tried to love so much
I play mind games
In a mind frame
That invites pain
I play these games on myself
If wasted feelings were money
I couldn’t measure the wealth
I’d be so rich
All of the women would want me
Funny how that works
Actually it is absurd
It’s the truest stupidest thing I have ever heard
Boy I have a way with words
But this is about my record
It’s checkered
Not like a finish line flag winning
But like a driver that was leading
Crashing, blowing the certain lead, grinning
I constantly try and fail
In spectacular fashion
Smashing my dreams at last again
My passion is overwhelming, overbearing
Attraction brings about distraction
I am affectionate
I touch and feel my way around
The words and sounds of love mean nothing to me
Show me, prove it, love me or lose it
Actions speak louder than words
Words are a shallow grave
That in time, days
Does nothing to preserve, only decay
This is my summation of love
Maybe I’d be so lucky
To have some one trust me
Enough to take me away to a place
For forever and a day
And love me
The way I need to be loved
I’d love you truly
Deeply sweetly

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