Wednesday, March 02, 2005


You think I slept last night?
I was too busy fighting tears back
Racking my brain, what moves to make?
How do I deal with this?
Chaos. I’m sorry this isn’t fair
But I don’t think you know
I don’t think you care
If you knew what I was thinking
If you could read my mind
You’d think I was crazy
But you don’t have the time
But instead I lie awake and contemplate
Debate and state out loud the decisions that I make
No one around to hear my hearts complaint
This is probably not a big deal for you
It has tossed me to and fro
If I could just let it go
I could be free
That is what I want to be
My mind is a jail
I have no key
Someone didn’t give it back to me
Escape is my hope
Presently I am in prison
No parole. Without a sentence
Time does not bring comfort
It allows poisoned thoughts
This has all been self-inflicted
It is with you that I’m infected
This is killing me

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