Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Simple Conversation

1. So I guess this means you re leaving me.
2. Of course it does. Can you blame me?
1. No, I get it, it all makes sense now.
2. It does? Tell me how.
1. Well what else should I expect?
2. Nothing, that is why this is it.
1. I am a total fool.
2. Stop talking, I’m sick of listening to you.
1. Fine, but know that this happened for a reason.
2. Because in our relationship you committed treason.
1. That’s cold, it was nothing like that.
2. What was it then, a trap?
1. No, it was the easiest way out.
2. You wanted out?
1. What…as if you didn’t know?
2. I had no idea, is this a joke?
1. I hope not. But if it was…
2. Don’t finish that thought because…
1. Because you don’t want to hear the truth.
2. The truth? What has gotten into you?
1. Into me? Maybe you should ask yourself that question.
2. Are you trying to get a confession?
1. No, I know all about you.
2. So what does this say about you?
1. Don’t turn this on me.
2. Oh, so now its all on me?
1. You got that right.
2. This has been a crazy night.
1. Yeah, too bad for you I’m still leaving you.
2. No I was leaving you.
1. Oh yea.

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