Friday, March 04, 2005

Do You Dare To?

Do you dare to?
Could you bear to?
When do I get my revenge?
I can hear you whispering
You are not a mystery
Now it’s my turn to offend
When I hear you care for me
I go run and hide away
Right away
I cannot stay
I shouldn’t even say
What I’m about to say
You brought me to my knees
And made me beg
Toyed with my head
When you said you loved me
Lies, deceit, you cheated me
Out of time
You wasted mine
Spending it on you
I can never have it back
Why did you do that?
I don’t want to see you
Looking at you makes my stomach weak
I shouldn’t speak
But it’s a little late for that
I don’t ever want you back

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