Monday, March 07, 2005


Stuck inside
Is there any way out?
I can’t let this slide
I stop to wonder why
I am out of place
Weathered by time and sick of it
Something has got to change
I can’t explain

In here
There is nothing I want
Got to get out
Got to get this to stop
In here
Is there no escape?
Caught in red tape
I’m stuck in the wake of monotony

Try to get out
I’ve done that before
But every handle I find is missing a door
Caged up and held down
Oppressed by my living
People offer me rides
But they won’t come get me

I’m just taking up space
Just wasting my time and money
I laugh cause to me this is funny
How can it come down to this?
No more excuses
I don’t want explosions but there are too many lit fuses

Too much pain;
Too many bumps and bruises
I can’t forget.
I only regret
I don’t want a part of what this is the start of

Bound by contract
The deed to my soul
A sinner at heart
A puppet is my role

Time is a heavy weight
It holds me down
Keeps me low

Counting down
the clock is still ticking

The funeral drum is not yet ringing

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