Thursday, February 10, 2005

Insufficient Funds

No one wants to realize
They aren't good enough in another’s eyes.
This is revealed to me consistently.
That is why I stay alone,
Humbled to the bone.
I simply was not good enough, despite my efforts.
I can't be more than I am.
I can't be something I am not.
But why is it never good enough to be me?
With no more potential it seems.
Than to be a guy that is funny and fun.
I have insufficient funds.
I’ll try to rationalize, I’m sure of it.
Or hear someone say it’s worth it
To suffer and feel those things.
But that is a fallacy. It is wrong
There has never been a time when it was worth it.
It is better to love and lose,
Those are lines for fools.
There is no hate if there is no love.
No pain when you don’t care.
No failure without an attempt.
I wouldn’t have had to feel...
And the lows are more real
They are stronger and stay longer
And time, the only remedy
Is the slowest solution quite possibly

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