Friday, February 25, 2005

Forever Away

What’s weird is
I could feel forever away, right beside you.
Lay next to you, and be more lonely than ever.
How is that possible?
And sometimes,
I don’t know why, but
I continue to try, to please or tease.
Your touch brings chills.
Voice, thrills
Laughter, on the edge of disaster
I can’t break through
Or tell you
I can’t convince you or trick you
Into me
Out of these, only moments
Of sweet, fading memories
A different me
Approaching it differently
Another time for another rhyme
Another mood, another dude…
That’s how the cookie crumbles
Can’t get the ball to fumble
Caring, careful, I’m kidding
Bidding, biding my time
In a timely fashion
Trying to manage this traffic
Without crashing
An unneeded distraction
But I can’t escape the attraction
Separate ways, distant paths
And for days I’ll miss you
Knowing you won’t give a second thought – and
Maybe all together forgot-en
So would I rather be beside you or miles away
Either way, it feels the same to me.

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