Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hymns of Mine

The night is o’er the light bursts forth
The glorious light of God
Father and Son appeared to man
Let’s spread the word abroad

The scriptures brought and wisdom taught
So let us not forsake
The covenant is newly shown
So glory we might take

Prophets called from God above
Authority is ours
This Christ’s same Church as organized
With priesthoods’ Godly powers

The truth restored and prophesies
Are finally now fulfilled
Since ancient truths are brought to pass
The way to God revealed

An angel fallen from the throne of grace
To lead the souls of men astray
A plan for children of our father
Send a Savior, Christ our Brother
Matchless love and doubts for fears
Matchless power for chains and tears
When trials shall cross your way
Roads of indecision paved
Your Lord and Brother, Savior, Friend
Shall mark the path until the end
Yes the plan of God is great
“help me to understand thy will. Before it grows too late.”

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