Monday, February 14, 2005

I Had To Go

If I knew I couldn’t stay
If I had to leave today
What would I want to say?
Would I lie?
And tell you I’m fine.
Would I cry and apologize?
When I realized:
I couldn’t tell you how I really feel inside
Could I kneel at your feet or stand at your side?
And feel everything is fine
Would I want to run?
And want to start a new life?
Would I feel remorse?
Knowing I could have done more
Would I want to stay?
Just to see your face
To be in your company
Would I long for how it used to be?
Or would I be satisfied with how things seem?
Would I wish it were all a dream?
So I could wake up and not remember a thing
How would I feel if I had to go?
If you knew I couldn’t stay
And I had to leave today
Would you try to make me stay?
Or just turn and walk away
Would you try to lie to my face?
And then vanish without a trace
Would you tell me you loved me?
And say you don’t care that I’m ugly
That you truly adore me
You could wake up to my face every morning
Really, what would be your story?
Would you want to stay?
Even if things really weren’t that great
Would you want to come along?
You felt that you belonged
Would you leave your life behind?
Start a new one with mine
Would you wish for the past back again?
So we would never have to be friends
Would you feel it was worth it?
Or that you didn’t deserve it
How would you feel if I had to go?

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