Monday, May 01, 2017


The boisterous vermin
proselytizing pimp sermons
war machine
indestructible tank, Sherman
tight fade
professional grade for certain
working the block nonstop
cocking and popping shots
if the cops be lurking
squeezing and squirting em
straight out the nine
matte black phantom
can em
vegetables or fruits
with a Walther PPQ
lighting up fools
smoke em
grill em
That's bar-b-cue
law in his own hands
check the program
cuz yo man
I won't stand for this
no ho can resist
his irresistible-ness man
no conflicts to fix this time
no justice in this rhyme
Set a new baseline
So high a view from the 6
can't even get in the mix
or see that on Facetime
on Verizon Wireless
in the middle of the daytime
Out to get his
down to take mine
hard wired feed
straight to the breaker
power constantly
never need booze or chaser
came to claim the fame
and gain championship rings
with the game T brings
no need to explain
stealth mode ninja
A silent G
like Reign when T be the king.

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