Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Dream of You

On occasion, in my dreams,
I see you in them
and it all seems
that everything's
just the way it's supposed to be
you, so close to me
reminding me
of what we used to be
and why I ever felt those things
little quirks and tendencies
that drew me in and made me think
that we were truly meant to be

When I arise, reality
staring me down placidly
it's a cold and painful memory
remembering nothing is the same
the honest love encompassing
is nothing now
and all I have
the truth that I may never be
what I was with you next to me

And when I wake
I try to regain my remains
but you're lost again
I can't escape or shake the pain
it floods to me like tsunami waves
and the anguish stays
for hours, days
and too slowly fades away

I don't want to wake up
when you are the focus
let me dream, vividly
let me sleep remembering
my love for you
that was everything
stay a little longer
let me have a dream of you

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