Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Firstly, Impressed

 There she is, dude, play it cool. Aaahhh, Hope. 

*mind races as she gets close*

As she's approaching me
I see that face and think
She looks like angels sing
With a half moon smile going cheek to cheek
And she got teeth like Solomon's sheep
Body got curves like Monaco's Gran Prix
I can't help but think
She was specifically designed for me. Literally.
Someone read my notes, reviewed my dreams
And poof!
She is what Weird Science made for me
Seen her picture previously
Wicked photogenic, I mean properly
Looking at the photos microscopicly
Flawless like diamond clarity
A rarity, a gem, priceless, real nice
Now we're here and she's better in real life
She's not make believe like alien autopsies
She's a living, breathing, masterpiece
And if you're asking me
On the crazy/hot matrices
She's officially unicorn pedigreed
But if it will be a thing
It's got to be
More than strictly about superficiality


Say something, dummy
"Hi, it's me"
*goes in for the squeeze*
*hugs momentarily*

"Hi, I'm XYZ"
Boom. A new reality
We've said six words 
And it's already a blur
And I'm smitten. Smote
My life is now different, yo

I'm suspecting
This will end badly for me, I think
Unless it doesn't...wink. ;)
Ah hope. 

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Jen Mercadante said...

Love it! I completely get it! 😉